The Garden Share Collective

This is my first time participating in the Garden Share Collective, run by Lizzie at Strayed from the Table. The idea is to post a photo tour of your garden each month, so here goes!

As you know if you’ve been following this blog for a bit, I just moved house in December, so this tour represents a garden about three weeks old!

I made no-dig beds using my moving boxes as the bottom layer, and quickly threw in a lot of plants that I brought in pots from my old place.

no dig garden 1

Veg garden looking from the back door outward. The frame in the background will hopefully be for some (rather late) cucumbers and miniature potimarron/kuri squash.

no dig garden 2

The same garden looking back the other way. This bed is mostly tomatoes (spindly and a bit unhappy after being potbound), eggplants (small and a bit stressed), peppers, tomatillos.

no dig garden 3

A bit of a closer view of what’s near the back door. This is a jaune flamme tomato, and behind it is some sorrel and some dill. Stuff just got thrown into the garden wherever it would fit!

squash plant in a straw mound

I’ve planted several squash/pumpkin plants like this: a pile of straw mixed with manure, a bucketful of compost in the middle of it, the seedling planted into that, and the pot it came from tucked in beside to make it easy to give it a deep watering without wetting the leaves (which can hasten powdery mildew). I have four plants in mounds like this dotted in another part of my garden. Wish I’d thought a little harder about having to mow around them, though — I might have arranged them differently.

bean frame with no beans

This metal frame was here when I moved in. I’d love to grow beans up it, but that’s not happening this summer, I don’t think. Well, maybe if I get keen this week I might give it a shot. The internet tells me scarlet runners are “65 days to harvest” which would make it early March. Might work.

closeup of squash flower buds

The squash/pumpkins in their mounds are just about to start flowering. You can see that the pea straw I’m using is also very seedy — I’m pulling out a lot of little pea shoots!

closeup of tomatillo flowers/buds

It’s hard to tell whether the tomatillos are starting to fruit, or whether they’re just flower buds. They look kind of the same. Last year I only got one tomatillo from two plants, presumably due to pollination trouble. I’ll be interested to see what happens this year.

one strawberry

I have one strawberry plant that I got as a freebie from Diggers Club last year. It has given me a few strawberries but usually only one or two at a time. Next year I’d like to plant a whole strawberry bed.

a few apples on a branch

The apple tree down the back of the yard looks like this. I’m not sure when they’ll be ripe, but I’m guessing not yet. I don’t know what variety they are, either.


I’m trying to be better about planting flowers in amongst my veg, or flowering herbs and things, to encourage pollinators. We had lots of pollination trouble at our old place. Sadly the current flower count is a couple of these marigolds and some dill going to seed, so it’s rather a work in progress.


There are lots of ornamental flowers around the edges of the garden, though. These fuchsias are by the back gate. When I was a kid I loved popping fuchsia buds between my fingertips; Nanna wasn’t so keen on me doing it to her plants, though. I tried to pop one the other day just for old time’s sake, and it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as it used to be.

pink rose

There’s a single rose bush halfway up the backyard, completely unmaintained and isolated. I don’t know what it’s doing there. I suppose I should at least deadhead it.

blocks of mushroom compost

And on a completely different note: here is a pile of mushroom compost I have sitting in my shed. A mushroom farmer at the local farmers’ market sells it for $5 a block once they’re done growing mushrooms in it, so I got 10 blocks delivered the other day.

So that’s it for my garden tour this month. Next month I’m hoping it will be filled out a lot. Wish me luck!