Via Barbara Good over at The New Good Life I learn that “Succession Planting Tuesday” is a thing. I think it was started by Lon over at 500m2 in Sydney. I could definitely use some discipline around succession planting — it’s one of the things I keep forgetting to do — so I’m going to join in and try and post about (and do) succession planting, if not every week, then most weeks.

The garden’s just getting started so this is my first lot of direct planting. I got a bit excited; I don’t expect to plant so many things in subsequent weeks.

My general goal was to fill in the gaps between the larger plants (tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, and a few other bits and pieces) in the beds that are already established, and to start two new sections of bed with some larger things (zucchini, cucumbers, etc).


(All broadcast by just flinging the seeds hopefully around the garden, in amongst the other plants. Most are of the kind that self-seed happily if you let them, so I’m hopeful that this will work.)

  • Parsley
  • Dill
  • Basil (from seedlings I had in a pot, and also from seed)
  • Thai basil
  • Summer savoury
  • Chives (from seedling and also some seed)
  • Borage


(Also broadcast.)

  • Mustard greens (a couple of different kinds)
  • Mizuna (I guess that’s technically a mustard green, actually)
  • Wild rocket (arugula)

Beans and squashes

(More carefully planted, in the new sections.)

  • Bush beans (provider and Cherokee wax)
  • Zucchini
  • Potimarron (tiny adorable pumpkins/squashes, from seedling)
  • Cucumbers (spacemaster and lemon)

Of all the things I planted, some are at the end of their peak planting period, so for instance I don’t think I’ll be planting any more zucchini and cucumbers after this. The potimarron (aka kuri squash) were a bit late even now, really, but we’ll see how they do. So, those aren’t really succession planting, as such… but it seemed worthwhile to note them, anyway.

Next week I’d like to focus on greens (chard, warrigal greens, and nasturtiums which I treat as a salad green) and summer root veg (beets and radishes). If I can get another section of the veggie bed finished in time, I might put in some sneaky late corn and runner beans, but if I do it will be the one and only planting, I think.

The week after that, I’ll put in another lot of bush beans and possibly revisit some of the herbs and greens I put in today, depending on what I see coming up.

Sadly I have no photos, as I didn’t start until after dinner when things had cooled down, and was working right up until dark. I’m planning to post a garden tour shortly, though, so you’ll see some pics then.